The Power of Making a Decision

Many people set Goals, New Years resolutions and tasks for themselves, but they fail to make a firm decision in their mind that they are in fact, going to do it.

For example, I make a goal to loose weight, so I start eating healthier and exercising more, and within a few days or weeks, the new habits I’ve tried to form have withered away and I’ve completely forgotten about them, or even if If I didnt forget, I accept the fact that I’m not doing it and leave it sitting in the back of my mind whilst I move on with my life.

Making a decision needs to come before anything else, before you try to form new habits I would suggest that you sit down in a quiet space, write down your goal, write down why you would like to achieve this goal, and then silently (Or out loud) say, I will now work towards my goal, until it is finished, no matter what.

You have now made the decision that you are seriously committing to this and it will stay in the front of your mind.

Once you have made the decision, you can start planning your action steps, it will no longer be a question weather you are actually going to do it or not because you have already made the decision that YOU ARE doing it, and all that’s left is to figure out how, and get to practice.

What happened’s if you still make the wrong choices?
You come back to the decision, and repeat it again. Re set your mind.

Like everything we do, we go through ups and downs when learning a new habit, self discipline and structure. You most probably wont be able to just make a decision and that’s it, your done, you magically start doing everything you know you should do.

The difference between people who achieve their goals, and people who do not, is the fact that they stick at it. No matter how many times you might make the wrong choice, for example eating that donut when you’ve made the decision your going to loose a certain amount of weight, if you come back to the decision, re set and try again, you will eventually get there. Forgive yourself in the process of your down falls and trust that each time you get back up and get back into it, you are getting closer to your goal each time. Its better to fail 100 times but still eventually reach your goal, than to never achieve it at all.

A little while ago I made the decision I was going to change my entire life. I found an opportunity that would enable me to eventually quit my job, forever, and work from home, or really wherever I want in the world!

I new it was going to take a lot of my time and effort, and that it was probably not going to be easy. I sat down, wrote down why I wanted to do this, and made the decision I would work towards this goal everyday.

I will be honest, there have been some days I didnt keep my promise. I actually didnt work towards my goal for a whole week at one point! I was feeling guilty, un motivated and stressed that I was, what looked like, giving up. So like I instructed above, I came back to my decision, and made the choice to keep going, regardless that I had broken my promise to myself to work towards it everyday, I accept that I’m human, and the only way I will not reach my dream of not having to go to work, is if I don’t give up!

Work towards your goals, work towards your dreams, have a clear vision in front of your mind of why you must do this, and then no matter what happenes, YOU WILL GET THERE.

If you would like to find out more information about the oppurtunity I found to enable me to start working online, I would be happy to send you a free video series that explains what its all about, follow this link 🙂

Thank you,
I wish you all the happiness and freedom you desire!

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